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Do you need a band for your wedding or special event? Hire Akhamie Music for your event, and you will experience an unforgettable musical performance. The musicians contracted to perform with us are trained professionals with years of experience on their instruments.

Please give us a call and get your event booked with us today.

DJ Service

Do you need a DJ for your wedding or special event? Akhamie Music can provide you with a unique musical experience you will never forget. 

With Drums, turntables, and Drum Pads we will create a visually entertaining show. 

Please call (202) 505-0510, so we can start planning your set list today.

Drum Lessons

You are never too old or too young to learn how to play the drums. Taking lessons through Akhamie Musuc, provides you with the option to take your drum lessons online or in person. At this time we are only offering face-to-face drum lessons in Jacksonville, Florida, but if you are interested in taking online drum please call (202) 505-0510, so we can get you all set up. Lessons will be tailored to fit your skill set and learning style.

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